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21 Ways to Prepare A Home to Sell

Prepare home to sell

21 ways to prepare a home to sell

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Don’t fall into the fatal trap of rushing to list your home for sale it without adequate preparation.   You will be wasting time, so don’t even thing about putting up that For Sale sign without completing this list of 21 ways to prepare a home to sell!   Your time and effort up front will pay off with a quicker sale.

  1. Clean every nook and cranny of the home including the easy to overlook places like ceiling fan blades and vents.  Don’t have time?  Hire a cleaning service.
  2. Clear out the clutter. Create the essence of space for prospective buyers. They need to see there is a place for everything in their potential new home.
  3. Smells matter. Avoid cooking food with lingering smells (like bacon) before a showing.
  4. Remove Personal Items. Buyers have to be able to envision themselves in the home.
  5. Neutral wall colors are important. Repaint if you need to, and choose white, tan or gray to play it safe.
  6. Simple Décor. Don’t distract the buyer or turn them off with taste specific furnishings and décor.
  7. Remove Bulky Furniture. Oversize furniture can make rooms look smaller than they actually are.
  8. Lighten up! Open windows or blinds, and turn on lights and lamps to create brighter spaces.
  9. Bring the outside in. Plants and flowers add energy to a space and can be used to draw attention to features you want to showcase.
  10. Organize your closets. Storage space sells!  Remove non essentials from the home and store them elsewhere until you move into your new home. Then organize what remains.
  11. Do a mini renovation. Change outdated fixtures and faucets. Replace dingy electric plate covers with bright white ones. Little changes like this make a huge impact!
  12. Hit the honey-do list, finally! Buyers will notice maintenance items and will reduce their price accordingly.
  13. Turn your bathroom into a spa. Stack towels and tie with a ribbon.  Place coordinating bath mats on the floor.  Place candles and orchids beside the tub to create a little oasis.
  14. Let it flow… Be sure home buyers have clear walkways through the home and are not likely to bump into furniture. Do a mock walk through of your own house and make sure it flows!
  15. Family rooms should be considered carefully. Arrange the furniture so it is conducive to conversation.
  16. Give each room a purpose. Stage accordingly to take out any guesswork.
  17. Lower the toilet seats. Do this for photos and for showings because it makes a surprising impact.
  18. Sweet smells sell! Bake something sweet before showings to make it feel like home. If you don’t have time then cheat. Burn a scented candle.
  19. Highlight focal points. Draw the eyes to the features you love with a pop of color or accent.  Use throw pillows, plants, etc.  For example, if you have a pretty fireplace put a nice looking plant on the mantel.
  20. Create a lived in look with a vignette. Turn an empty corner into a reading nook with a chair, throw blanket, and a small tray with coffee mug on a side table for example.
  21. Boost your curb appeal. Don’t neglect the yard and exterior or buyers will drive on by instead of coming inside to see your beautiful home! Trim the shrubbery, power wash the house and put a fresh coat of paint on the front door.  Each of these measures will amount to a great first impression and set the tone for a positive opinion as they tour the interior of your home.