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5 Things Predict How Fast You Will Sell Your Home

Sell your home fast

Sell your home fast

Everyone knows and can accept the fact that you need to de-clutter then clean your home head to toe before listing it for sale if you want to sell your home fast. But take note mid-size (2000-2600 sf) suburban homeowners, that millennials and gen-x ers are getting ready to buy your home.  According to Trulia, survey results say they will be buying starting in 2018.  Start preparing now and focus on these 5 things that were rated as important features in the homes they will purchase, so you can use these to predict how fast you will sell your home!

Backyard Deck– 59% say this is an important feature.  They also note that composite materials are especially popular. Split level decks with built in lighting are desirable features, too.

2.Gourmet Kitchens- What is included in this description of a gourmet kitchen?  State of the art appliances, loads of storage, and impressive surfaces are on the top of the list. A kitchen remodel remains high in regard to ROI (Return on Investment) and kitchens matter to the millennials.  If you cannot afford to go completely gourmet, then cosmetic updating will go a long way.  Some ideas to consider would be replacing counters, painting your cabinets white, and a subway tiled backsplash.

  1. Open Floorplans- 45% love them!   They want to socialize while cooking for guests.  The open plan is perfect for entertaining and often filled with light. Who needs a formal dining or living room anymore?
  2. A Balcony with a View Please- OK so you cannot create a view necessarily, but you can make your balcony inviting.  60% of the millennials surveyed put this as a top feature.  Homeowners can create inviting sitting areas and place plants strategically to make the space attractive and comfortable.
  3. Vegetable Gardens- This is something both millennials and their grandparents love!  There is a trend for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle.  Eating organic can be costly so many millennials are growing their own vegetables and herbs.   If you can’t build a garden then make it obvious where the ideal garden area is in your yard.


Now you know how to make your home the top pick for the upcoming wave of home buyers.

Taking the time now to prepare for your future sale could have big payoffs!