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Ellen O’Neil Realty Launches Website

Ellen O’Neil Realty Launches Website Offering a Full Suite of Real Estate Services

Ellen O'Neil Logo has launched a brand new website, creating an online portal accessing her full-spectrum of realty services.  Everything from relocation to renovation is included.

Real Estate is a fundamental market force in the world. People may live without chocolate, or even the internet, but they will never live without homes. Ellen O’Neil is a specialist in real estate who is “Committed to Helping You Love Where You Live” and she has created to provide her services online.

The website is brand new, yet it provides a proliferation of content. Services offered include comprehensive descriptions and news of current properties and projects.  A portfolio of previous accomplishments and sales. The site is also educational with regularly updated editorial insights on the property market.
Ellen O’Neil is committed to helping people understand the possibilities for real estate on every level, from first time buyers to investors with comprehensive portfolios of properties. The site serves to demonstrate Ellen’s continuing commitment to the practice as well as her authority in the field.
A spokesperson for explained, “We are excited to be launching the website at a time that is proving very interesting for the broader real estate market. The wonderful thing about the website is it’s a versatile resource for people who want to know more about the Charleston area, as well as being a great tool for Ellen to interact with new clients as they engage the best real estate agent in the business. The future is looking very bright for Ellen, and with the website to chart her progress, the “sky’s the limit.”
About Ellen O’Neil Realty:  Ellen O’Neil Realty is the personal website of real estate agent Ellen O’Neil, who is committed to offering a full service covering all real estate needs. She and her team help people prepare and sell their properties or simply aids as they redefine their current space into a more pleasurable environment. Buyers are shown the very best properties on the market and are guided with care through the entire purchasing process. For more information please visit:


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